Allow participants to choose the survey language

Create & share your multilingual survey

Allow your participants to choose which language they would like to take your survey in. You can create one single survey in many different languages.

Create your survey in one language first and then simply translate it into as many others as you like. Participants can then choose their preferred language at the beginning of the questionnaire, or you can even create multiple survey links using one language each.

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Easily add multiple languages

We have a fantastic built-in translation editor which makes the translation of your survey very easy and super-fast. While translating, you will always see the original text in context of the entire survey, which makes translations more accurate.

You can add as many languages as you like and also use any type of characters. We have full Unicode support and can therefore display any type of language and characters in your questionnaire.

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Easily add multiple languages
Filter responses by language

All your survey results in one place

You do not have to create one separate survey per language and we can therefore show you all your collected results in one place. You can also easily filter those results by any language you have made available.

Since we fully support Unicode, your participants can enter their answers in any language and using any type of characters in your survey.