enuvo GmbH - a Swiss-based company - operates the service "SurveyHero". SurveyHero is a web-based service which enables the SurveyHero customer - designated as the "customer" or "user" in the following - to create and carry out Internet-based online surveys.

What personal information is being collected?

The use of this platform requires registration. A customer is asked to enter a valid email address, their first and last name as well as their country. In addition to this, paying customers will have to enter their complete address so that a valid invoice can be issued.
All collected survey results of the customers are centrally stored on servers of SurveyHero. Data is protected from external access. Solely the customer themselves and authorized administrators of SurveyHero can access the data.

How is this information used by SurveyHero?

SurveyHero has the right to collect, to use and to store personal and company-related data of its customers for service purposes without any further agreement. The collected survey results are not used by SurveyHero in any way.

Will data be passed on to third parties?

SurveyHero will never under any circumstances pass on personal information or survey results to third parties.

How can personal information be deleted?

The customer has always the possibility to irrevocably delete surveys and their corresponding results. Additionally, each customer is free to irrevocably delete their entire account, including all surveys and survey results. This can be done directly in the user menu.

Where is the data stored?

SurveyHero's servers are located in Ireland, Europe, and are managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a subordinate to the European data protection laws and fulfils an extensive range of compliance and security requirements.

Visitor statistics

SurveyHero uses the web analysis service "Google Analytics" in order to survey the number of website visitors. This is exclusively done using Googles IP anonymization functionality. Thereby, Google Inc. only receives anonymized data of website visitors. Google Inc. has absolutely no access to data of SurveyHero (surveys, results, etc.).

Zurich, 01.12.2015