All question types in one survey

We have created a sample survey for you that contains all currently available question types.

You can simply open the questionnaire below and click through it. It will quickly give you a sense of the look and feel of our online surveys. Make sure to also test it on a smartphone to experience how well it is optimized for mobile devices!

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Example Survey
Example Results

Here is what your survey results will look like

After you have shared your survey, you will start seeing your responses coming in, in real-time. The results will be made available to you in two different ways:

Individual Responses

You can view each response one-by-one, showing every single answer given by a participant. You will also be able to export these responses as spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or CSV).

See example response Example responses export

Tabulated Report

We will automatically generate a summarized report based on all responses that you have collected, showing charts and graphs for each question of your survey. You can switch between different chart types as well as share the report via a link.

You can also export your report as a PDF with charts or to an Excel/CSV file, which will show tabulated data from questions that have values which can be aggregated.

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Multilingual Survey

Example survey in multiple languages

We make it very easy to create multilingual surveys. You just create your survey in your main language, and then simply add the translations in any language you want. The results will be all in one place, but also available per language.

Open multi-lingual survey example
Example of a dynamic survey

Example of a dynamic survey

You can dynamically change the content of your survey based on a participant's answers by using Skip Logic and Display Logic. This allows you to only show relevant questions to your participants, resulting in a nicer experience and more relevant data.

Open example of dynamic survey

Embed your survey on your website or blog

We make it really easy for you to embed a survey directly into your website or blog. We provide you with a short snippet of code that you can simply add to your website - it is that easy. This gives you a great way to collect feedback from your customers or users without them ever having to leave your website.

More example surveys

Our online questionnaires can be used anywhere. Below you will find some examples of how our customers are using our survey software.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

How satisfied are your customers? This type of survey will allow you to connect easily with your customers and get direct feedback from them.

View Example

Employee Survey

Employees are the most important asset of any company, so their feedback is important. An online survey is a quick, convenient & cost-saving way to do this.

View Example

Product Survey

To make your product the best it can be, it is important to get feedback from your customers. A product feedback survey will provide you with valuable information.

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Market Research Survey

The great thing about an online survey is that you can reach a worldwide audience to maximize the impact of your market research and collect a wide range of answers.

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Poll (Opinion Poll)

Sometimes you would like to get some quick feedback from people. Create a poll for instant feedback where you can check the results at any time.

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