The benefits of an anonymous survey

To collect true and honest feedback, it is often necessary to conduct surveys that are anonymous. The question is, however, whether your participants will believe that it is indeed anonymous. Without a guarantee of anonymity, participants may have doubts while answering, which often leads to dishonest responses and skewed data.

By enabling our built-in "Anonymous Survey" option, we will add an official "label" to your survey that guarantees that their responses will remain anonymous. This will allow them to put their privacy concerns at ease and answer your questions truthfully.

Anonymous Survey Benefits
Anonymous Survey

How does it work?

You can simply turn on the "Anonymous Survey" option from within your survey settings. We will then automatically hide the email address, IP address, link parameters, meta data and any other piece of information that might allow the identification of a participant.

To add one more level of protection, the "Anonymous Survey" setting cannot be deactivated once it has been turned on.

What will participants see?

When the anonymous survey setting is active, we will show a label to your participants at the bottom of your questionnaire. This label will officially confirm the anonymity of the survey.

Your participants will be able to click on the label for more information and learn more about what we do to ensure their anonymity.

Anonymous Survey Label