Share your survey link

The most common way for you to share your online survey is with a survey link. This is a unique link which is bound only to your survey. With this method, you can share your survey wherever you can paste a link, such as on Facebook, Twitter, in an email, etc.

For each survey link you create, you can configure many different settings, such as restrictions for multiple participations, notifications about new responses, and much more.

Survey Link
Email Invite

Send email invitations

If you have a list of email addresses, e.g. a customer list, you can let us send out email invitations for your survey to each recipient. We will then link the responses with the recipients.

It is really easy to set up: Simply create a message, import your recipients and let us send your personalized survey email invitations in bulk.

Learn more about sending email invitations here: Sending Survey Invitations

Embed it into your website

You can embed your online survey into your website or blog. This gives you a great way to collect feedback from your customers or users without them ever having to leave your website. There is no special coding knowledge required.

It can be embedded directly and displayed among the page's content or you can set it up to popup after certain actions have happened, such as a button click, after a set amount of time, etc.

Web Embed
Manual Entry

Manually enter responses

You can enter survey responses yourself using a survey link that allows multiple entries (Kiosk Mode) from the same device. This makes it very easy to enter responses that you may have collected e.g. on paper. You will then be able to analyze these results along with the rest of your data, using our built-in reporting.

Allow participations only with access codes

You can restrict access to your survey by requiring an access code to participate. You can generate as many access codes as you need and share them with your potential survey participants. They will be prompted to enter their personal code to enter their response and will only be able to participate once per code. This is ideal for protected surveys as well as for online voting.

QR Code
WordPress Embed

Embed your survey on your WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular CMS choice for websites today. You can easily embed your online surveys into your WordPress website or blog using the official SurveyHero WordPress plugin.

Share your online survey using QR codes

You can generate QR codes for any of your survey links. QR codes are perfect for print media as they allow potential participants to get to your survey directly by quickly scanning the code, rather than having to read and manually input a long survey URL.

QR Code