The importance of being mobile

Our statistics show us that more than 65% of participants are taking surveys on mobile devices. This number has increased considerably over the last past years.

We took care of the mobile optimization, so you can focus on creating your survey. As the world moves more and more towards mobile, we will always make it our goal to offer the best mobile survey experience.

Mobile World
Mobile Optimized

Adapts itself to smaller screens

Our online questionnaires are automatically optimized for mobile devices. We do not only make sure that they look pretty everywhere, we also adapt question types to be ideal for every screen size.

Question types like grids or tables, for example, are great for complex questions but can quickly become unreadable on mobile screens. To prevent this, all of our tables will automatically reformat themselves to look great on mobile devices too!

Optimized for speed

Not everybody has access to a fast Internet connection and sometimes, depending on location, mobile speeds can dramatically drop.

A fast loading online survey will improve the number of responses you get. We do the utmost possible to make sure your questionnaires always load fast and smooth, no matter your participants device or connection.

Mobile World
Mobile Optimized

A great experience for your participants

Our aim is to provide the best mobile survey experience possible. We have spent a lot of time researching and testing different forms of mobile interaction.

One thing that stood out during our research was the importance of touch on mobile devices. We have designed our buttons and form inputs to be extremely mobile touch friendly. No more tiny radio buttons - every question choice and button has a wide surface area to guarantee easy pressing.

Our online questionnaires are not just pretty, they are also really smart. For example, the questionnaire will automatically scroll and focus on the next question as the participant answers, or remind them of un-answered, required questions, etc.

In short, we make it as simple and convenient as possible for your participants to take your survey.