Multiple Chart Types

Detailed reports with multiple chart types

Our survey tool automatically creates beautiful reports with charts and graphs for each of your questions. You can choose from a variety of different chart types and also apply different filters on your data.

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View responses one by one

You can easily browse through every single response from your participants one by one. This gives you the full insight into your collected data. You can also dig deeper into your data by applying filters based on different criteria.

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Individual Responses
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Export your data

We make is really easy for you to export your collected survey responses. You can download all your detailed raw data as an Excel or CSV file (which can easily be imported into SPSS). You can also download our beautiful reports with charts and graphs as print-ready PDF documents.

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Get the most out of your data!

The one and only reason for conducting online surveys is to gather responses and insights from your target groups. That is why we are always planning to improve and add new features to let you better analyze your results. See below for additional features and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Get additional stats

See great statistics about when and how often your questionnaire has been opened, the response rate as well as the average completion time. This can be broken down by each collection channel.

Create custom reports Coming Soon

By default you have a full report showing charts and graphs to all your questions. You can however also create your own custom reports, for example with only a few questions.

Cross tabulation Coming Soon

Use cross tabulation in your reports. If you click for example on "Gender: female" and "Age: 40 - 49" then your report will automatically only show charts based on that filtered data.

Share your results online

For each of your reports you can create a link that you can share with the world. Anyone who has the link can view your report (read-only) and you can withdraw access any time.