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Collect survey responses wherever you want

You can use different methods to share your online survey with your participants. You can simply use a survey link and share it by email or post it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also embed your survey into your website or even enter responses manually.

It is also very easy to create anonymous surveys.

All surveys are optimized for mobile devices

All of our online questionnaires are automatically optimized for mobile devices. We do not only make sure that they look pretty everywhere, we also adapt question types to be ideal for every screen size. This guarantees the highest possible response rates.

Create Survey
Create Survey

Send survey email invitations in bulk

Let us do the monkey work for you. Just copy and paste your participants email addresses, create your own custom message and hit send. We will automatically send each individual a personalized email with their very own survey link. Reminders can also be sent with the push of a button.

Learn more about sending email invitations here: Sending Surveys via Email Invitation

So many more options...

We want to offer you a tool that will be able to reach every single potential survey participant you require and are always working hard to make an armada of different features available to you. See below for additional features and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Multiple channels per survey

For each of your surveys you can create multiple links or codes for collecting responses. In the results of your survey, you are then able to filter by those groups of participants.

Allow participants to pause and finish later

Your participants will see a "Finish later?" button, which can be used to save their current answers. They will get a unique link that they can use to pick up their participation later on the same or different device.

Anonymous surveys

You can define whether you want to collect additional data of your participants, such as IP or email address. Without this information you can make sure your survey remains anonymous.

Prevent multiple participation

We offer different settings for preventing multiple participation if necessary. You can change these settings per survey link. You can also allow repetitive participation.