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Drag & drop survey editor

Our wonderful survey builder lets you create online surveys with ease. Simply choose the type of question you want to ask, drag it over into your survey, modify it the way you want, et voilĂ  - that's your questionnaire done!

It is also very easy to create your online survey in multiple languages.

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Multiple question types

You can choose from a variety of different question types to build your online questionnaire. Use open or closed questions, multiple-choice grids/tables, forms and more. Add as many questions as you want - there is no limit!

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Create Survey

Multiple Choice

Let your participants pick one or multiple given options.

Numeric Tables

Spreadsheet like question to collect numeric values.

Drop-Down List

Let your participant pick from a long list of options (e.g. nationality).

Open Textfield

Ask for short written answers. We can deal with any kind of language (Unicode).

Comment Box

Long written answers are possible too. We support any language (Unicode).


Use a customizable form to collect e.g. your participants' personal details.

Multiple Choice Grid

Let people pick one or many choices per row. Our tables are mobile optimized!

And many more...

There are even more question types to choose from. Show all question types...

Customize your survey design

Create your survey with style

We have a great selection of themes for you to choose from or you can create your own! This allows you to pick your own colors, upload your logo or background image, change styles and much more. It is so easy to make it fit your corporate design or personal taste.

Not enough? Your web-team can also apply their own CSS to fully customize the look and feel of your questionnaire with our white-label solution.

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Much more to come, stay tuned!

Our aim is simple. We want to be the best survey creation tool on the market. We are always looking to improve and stay ahead of the curve. We have many more features for you in our pipeline. See below for some of the features that are ready to ship soon. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Question Library Coming Soon

Do not reinvent the wheel. Browse our question library and choose from a wide range of professionally written questions such as gender, nationality, product satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS), etc. You can simply drag those template questions into your survey and modify them to fit your needs.