enuvo GmbH - a Swiss-based company - operates the service "SurveyHero". Your use of SurveyHero’s platform and services, especially regarding the "email invitation" feature, are subject to this policy.

If you are found to be in violation of this policy then SurveyHero may suspend or terminate your account without notice, at their own discretion. Please note that SurveyHero has the right to change this policy at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date and comply with this policy.

Email Invitation Feature

Part of the SurveyHero platform offers you the ability to send survey email invitations to a list of email recipients defined by you. The sole purpose of this feature is to share a link to an online survey hosted by SurveyHero. Under no circumstances should this feature be used in any way for advertising, spam or sharing of links except the included survey link. Improper or deceptive texts used in the message body and subject line are strictly prohibited and will result in you being in violation of this policy. SurveyHero are under no obligation to deliver any emails on your behalf and can temporarily or permanently block sending emails for you at their own discretion.

Definition of Spam

SurveyHero has a zero-tolerance spam policy. By sending emails via SurveyHero, you do not only confirm that your message texts conform to this policy, but also that all email recipients added by you have explicitly agreed (opted in) or otherwise validly consented to receive communications from you, the sender. If no consent was given, then emails sent to these recipients are regarded as unsolicited emails and you may be in violation of this policy.

Other factors that may result in unsolicited emails include but are not limited to:

  • The use of "stale" email addresses (addresses that have not been sent to in a long time).
  • The use of group or email addresses that target more than a single recipient.
  • The use of third-party, purchased, rented or harvested mailing lists.

It is your responsibility as the sender to ensure that the email messages you send via SurveyHero generate zero, or as close as possible to zero, spam complaints.

Limiting Measures

SurveyHero has the right, at any time, to determine that your account has exceeded too many limitations and can temporarily or permanently block sending emails for you as well as in some cases suspend or terminate your account without prior notice. Such measures do not entitle the account holder to a refund of any current paid subscription.

Some limitations SurveyHero have in place include but are not limited to:

  • A hard bounce rate no higher than 5%. A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name does not exist or because the recipient is unknown.
  • SurveyHero does not allow a spam complaint rate higher than 0.1% (i.e. recipient has clicked "Mark as spam"). That is no more than 1 complaint in 1000 emails sent on your behalf.
  • A higher than normal amount of your recipients unsubscribing.
  • Low interaction with your emails from recipients, e.g. lower than normal amount of responses in relation to the amount of email invitations sent.
  • Improper or deceptive texts used in the message body and subject line.

Reporting Spam and Unsolicited Emails

If you suspect that SurveyHero has been used by someone to send spam, please contact us immediately and the matter will be investigated.