Online survey embedded as an "iframe"

We have created this page to show you how a survey can be embedded into an existing website, blog article, etc. Here is an example survey we have embedded into this page:

Embedded Survey

No programming knowledge required

Embedding our surveys requires no programming knowledge. We will provide you with a short snippet of code that you can simply insert wherever you want your online survey to appear in your website. It is that easy!

Additionally, you can manage its width and height directly from within SurveyHero, without having to replace the code snipped we have provided you.

By the way, embedding is not the only way you can add your survey to your website. We do also provide the possibility to show your survey in an overlay, above your content. You can view an example here: Open survey in overlay

WordPress Embed

Embed your survey on your WordPress website

WordPress is the most popular CMS choice for websites today. You can easily embed your online surveys into your WordPress website or blog using the official SurveyHero WordPress plugin.