Make your survey appear at the right time

We have created this page to demonstrate how you can add your survey to your website. In this example, the survey will automatically open in an overlay.

Popup Survey

Many ways to trigger opening

You can either let your website visitors click on a button (like the one above) to open your survey or you can set automatic triggers, such as a specific time (e.g. been on the website for 60 seconds) or when the visitor is about to leave your website. There are many more options you can easily choose from. A full documentation can be found here: How to make your survey pop up on your website

There is no programming knowledge required, we will simply provide you with a snippet of code that you can add to your website and you will be good to go!

By the way, overlays are not the only way you can add your survey to your website. We do also provide the possibility to embed your survey within the content of your website. You can view an example here: Embed survey in website