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Unlimited number of surveys
Unlimited number of questions
Unlimited number of responses
Cancel anytime
Free support
Highly available
Highly scalable
Enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS)
EU data centers and fully GDPR compliant
Help Center
Email support
Priority email support
Phone support
Build Surveys
Easy to use survey editor
Organize your surveys using labels
Team collaboration
Copy and modify existing survey templates
Wide range of different question types
All languages supported (Unicode)
Support for "right-to-left" (RTL) languages
Side by side questions
Easily recover deleted questions
Copy entire surveys, pages or individual questions
Add hyperlinks in the text of your questionnaire
Make your survey anonymous
Export your questionnaire to print-ready PDF
Embed videos, audio, and more, into your survey
File upload: Allow respondents to upload files
Skip Logic (Branching)
Display Logic
Translate your survey into multiple languages
Automatically translate your survey with Google Translate
Branding & Customization
Choose from a variety of beautiful designs
Format your questionnaire content
Design your own theme
Customizable SurveyHero-URL
Customize survey preview (meta data)
Custom "Thank You" page text
Use URL variables in your questionnaire
Survey redirection
Remove "Powered by SurveyHero"
Fully customizable styles and design (CSS)
White Label: Use your own domain and branding
Collect Responses
No time limit for your surveys
Beautiful, mobile-ready surveys
Share your surveys via link
Share your surveys via QR code
Embed surveys into your website
Embed surveys using our WordPress Plugin
Send survey email invitations and reminders
Unlimited survey links
Optimized for screen readers and keyboard navigation
Get notified periodically about new responses
Remove "Back" button
Allow participants to pause and finish later
Save URL variables along with the responses
Allow participation only with a valid access code
Manual entry link (Kiosk Mode)
Get new responses by email, incl. their answers
Let your participants save their answers as PDF
Schedule automatic sending of email invitations
Schedule automatic survey closing
Run monadic tests with Multi-Survey Links
Track your survey with Google Analytics
Analyze Results
Analyze your results in real-time
Automatic reports with charts
View individual responses, one by one
Survey statistics
Share results online
Change between a variety of different chart types
Filter Responses
Download print-ready responses, one by one
Export to Excel or CSV
Download charts and graphs
Link responses with email addresses
Identify your participants with URL variables
Embed your survey results into your website
Modify the default export values for spreadsheets
Edit existing survey responses
Change chart colors
Cross tabulation filter
Comment on responses, visible to team members
Create custom reports
Full access to our Developer API
Webhooks: Let us POST you new responses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, absolutely. Subscriptions for our paid products can be canceled easily within your account, at any time. If you e.g. only need our paid product for a month, simply cancel the subscription right after your upgrade.

What happens to my account after cancellation?

Your account will remain on the purchased plan until the regular expiry of your subscription. Your account will then be downgraded back to our free plan and no further charges will be made.

How long can a free survey run?

Our free product is not limited in time. You can let it run for as long as you want, a day, a month, a year. It is up to you.

What payment options are available?

You can pay with credit card (MasterCard, VISA and American Express) or via invoice by bank transfer. We have monthly and yearly options available.

Pay with VISA Pay with MasterCard Pay with American Express Pay by Bank Transfer

Do you offer special pricing for students and educators?

Yes, we do! We offer a 50% OFF Educational Discount for students and faculty members when they upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Learn more here: Educational Discount

Do you offer discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to support charitable organizations around the world. Nonprofits can benefit from a discount of 50% OFF on all our yearly plans.

Find out more here: Non-Profit Discount